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DRS Recompetition Services

“When you find that your program has been placed on the DRS list, it is devastating!!! Many emotions and questions go through your mind. Then reality sets in and you know that you need to step up to the plate. You go through several webinars from OHS and other consultants and you receive some guidance. However, when you begin the writing process, you are alone. It is at this time, when an expert such as Dr. Kimberley Seitz can become your partner. In this light, Mrs. Kimberley Seitz, for me, was God sent. I say that because I stumbled into her through Linked-In. When you partner with Kimberley, you get: 1) an expert in this grant because she is a vetted and trained OHS recompetition grant evaluator; 2) she plans with you the entire writing process; 3) she is available to answer any question you might have; 4) she is a polished writer; 5) she will edit your writing, redirect your writing, and assure that you are answering the evaluation criteria; 6) she will provide suggestions for clarification and for strengthening; 7) finally, she is very professional and highly ethical. Your response to the evaluation criteria is a life/death issue. I highly recommend that you partner with Kimberley. I did!!!”

Dr. Blanca E. Enriquez
At the time of DRS: Executive Director – Head Start/Early Head Start (currently the Director of the Office of Head Start)
ESC Region 19

Kimberley came highly recommended to our agency from a fellow Director who had previously utilized her services for her recompetition grant. We were advised that the feedback we would receive from her would be very honest and frank but that if you want to write a really competitive and award-winning grant that was the type of feedback you need.”

Our leadership team had a preliminary conference call with Kimberley prior to deciding to retain her services. She offered up reviewing schedules that would meet our needs and provided enough valuable information during the call we unanimously decided to retain her services.”

The process of writing an excellent DRS grant application is no less than a grueling experience. We received good, and sometimes painful, feedback for each section we submitted for Kimberley’s review. The Tip Sheets she provided were also great resources. Kimberley’s prior experience with Head Start and the grant paneling process combined with her honest feedback make her services a very worthwhile investment if you truly want to submit a compelling application.

Kim Davis, Director
Bright Beginnings Head Start/Early Head Start


Kimberley Seitz was certainly the right consultant for our program as we entered the Head Start Designation Renewal System. First, we felt like we knew more about our program than any grant writer, so we ruled out hiring one of those, but we also knew that the stakes for the DRS grant were extremely high and we might need help. Come to find out—we needed a LOT of help—which is what we received from Dr. Seitz. What we appreciated first and foremost was that she genuinely cared about us and our program and she was committed to making sure that what we expressed was true, substantiated and clear. We were pretty good on the “true” part, but we needed tons of guidance on being clear and documenting what we were asserting. She was not only very good at ferreting out the problems that needed correction so we wouldn’t lose points, she was extremely fast on the turn-around time so we didn’t have to wait for her responses. What is it worth to have someone tell you that you need to rip it up and start over? In our case, we believe it will be the difference in a successful competitive grant process! Since we are a delegate agency pulled into DRS through no fault of our own, it took us a while to see the positive effects that would occur if we wrote a successful grant. After all, we’ve done this for almost four decades and we certainly know what we are doing, right? Maybe so. But expressing it so that someone else can see our quality while addressing every teeny-tiny criteria point was harder that we thought it would be. So we hired Kimberley. And we thank her for her expertise, her integrity, her good humor, and oh, my goodness, her patience! You will be lucky if you are one of the few programs she adopts!

Janell J. Frazier, Executive Director
Central Texas 4C, Inc. Head Start/Early Head Start Programs


Upon notification that your organization is in the DRS, I urge you to retain Dr. Seitz without hesitation. Dr. Seitz’s guidance through the application process and insight as a prior federal reviewer are invaluable. We found that her feedback on each section and sub criteria greatly assisted us in developing a stronger proposal. I highly recommend her services.

Elaina Freeman
Executive Director
Ohio Valley Opportunity Inc.


As a grantee in Montana, we had to recompete due to a low CLASS score in Cohort 3. After interviewing a number of individuals and agencies that assist grantees in the DRS process, we decided on Kaleidoscope Coaching and Consulting, LLC. We are glad that we did!

Kimberley has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help in all aspects of the grant writing process. Kimberley sets firms timelines, responds quickly to emails and submitted sections of the application. Kimberley was fair, a good listener, provided honest feedback (sometimes we did not like what she was telling us), and firm in what we needed to do. She will keep you on track and give you 100% of her energy to help you submit the best application possible. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance.

Loren Skelton
Executive Director
Child Start Incorporated

Kimberley’s first-hand knowledge of the recompetition process was immensely helpful to us. She excelled at asking probing questions and helped our agency keep pushing to articulate our program philosophy and helped us better describe exactly what we do (and so often take for granted!). The fact that we established a time-line and kept to it gave us a little bit of breathing room at the end.

Elizabeth A. Geary, M.Ed., LMSW
The Community Programs Center of L.I.

“When you find that your program has been placed on the DRS list, it is devastating!!! Many emotions and questions go through your mind. Then reality sets in and you know that you need to step up to the plate. You go through several webinars from OHS and other consultants and you receive some guidance. However, when you begin the writing process, you are alone. It is at this time, when an expert such as Dr. Kimberley Seitz can become your partner. In this light, Mrs. Kimberley Seitz, for me, was God sent. I say that because I stumbled into her through Linked-In. When you partner with Kimberley, you get: 1) an expert in this grant because she is a vetted and trained OHS recompetition grant evaluator; 2) she plans with you the entire writing process; 3) she is available to answer any question you might have; 4) she is a polished writer; 5) she will edit your writing, redirect your writing, and assure that you are answering the evaluation criteria; 6) she will provide suggestions for clarification and for strengthening; 7) finally, she is very professional and highly ethical. Your response to the evaluation criteria is a life/death issue. I highly recommend that you partner with Kimberley. I did!!!”

Dr. Blanca E. Enriquez
Executive Director – Head Start/Early Head Start
ESC Region 19

After our first initial telephone conversation with Kimberley, we knew that we had found the person who could provide us the support that we needed to meet the challenge of writing our recompetition grant. Not only did Kimberley share with us her experience as an OHS recompetition grant reviewer and her knowledge of OHS regulation, she answered all of our question and explained the recompetition process. She eased our anxiety and boosted our confidence that we could successfully accomplish the great task before us.

The summary reports and the feedback provided for each criterion helped us to provide clear, concise, strong responses. Having her review our response to each criterion twice helped us to really strengthen our grant. The debriefing calls provided an opportunity for us to ask questions/share our concern. Kimberley complimented us on our areas of strength, however she did not hesitate to address areas that needed more work. This was very helpful because it made us focus and think deeper when writing responses to criteria.

Throughout this grant process, Kimberley was very thorough in her review and very prompt with her feedback. We sincerely appreciate the encouragement and professional guidance that she provided. Her experience as a grant reviewer for the Office of Head Start’s Designation Renewal System, her Head Start experience and her knowledge of OHS regulations enabled Kimberley to provide the highest quality of service to our program. We found Kimberley to be friendly, pleasant and easy to work with. If the need should arise again, we would not hesitate to secure her services.

Dr. Rubye H. Jones, Director of Children and Family Development
Sunbelt Human Advancement Resources, Inc.
Head Start and Early Head Start Programs

Almost a year after our triennial review we received a letter notifying us that we had to compete for our grant because our average CLASS scores were in the bottom 10% of all grantees monitored in 2012. After getting over our initial emotions, we knew that one of the next steps that had to be taken was finding someone who could help us navigate these “unchartered waters”.

Kimberley’s approach to the project made this laborious process a little easier. She did a great job explaining the entire application process. We realized early that this process is totally different from preparing a renewal grant. It was very comforting that we were working with someone who had the knowledge and experience to help us through the process. The Summary Reports and specific feedback for each section was invaluable. The reports highlighted criteria that were answered completely, not addressed, or needed strengthening. The specific feedback resulted in polished language and answers to challenging questions that helped us strengthen our response to the criteria. Kimberley’s review of the revised proposal was very helpful because we found out if the new version was as strong as possible or still needed additional attention.

The approach taken by Kimberley also includes valuable debriefing calls. During the calls we were able to get clarification on feedback that was provided that resulted in a stronger response to the criteria.

I would recommend Kimberley’s Head Start/Early Head Start recompetition grant review services to any grantee that has to compete for their grant for the following reasons:

* She has experience as a grant reviewer for the Office of Head Start’s Designation Renewal System

* She has Head Start experience and is very knowledgeable about the Performance Standards

* The fee for her services are surprisingly reasonable

* She provides a lot of encouragement during this difficult process

* She is very prompt and thorough

* We found her very easy to work with

-Belva Dorsey, CEO Enrichment Services Program, Inc.

As the Director of Lewis County Head Start I became acquainted with Kimberley as a training and technical assistance consultant assigned to my program in 2009. Though an appreciative inquiry process, Kimberly assisted us in revising our program’s on-going monitoring system. Her vast knowledge of Head Start systems and services were invaluable to me. Our monitoring plan is in compliance with the Office of Head Star standards because of Kimberley’s work with our program.

In February of 2013, the Office of Head Start notified our Grantee that our program would enter recompetition. I immediately contacted Kimberley as a potential grant writer! During that contact she informed me of her work as an Office of Head Start vetted and trained grant reviewer, and how she was contracting with programs such as mine. As a grant reviewer, Kimberley has seen quality program loose their grants because they did not meet all the requirements of their funding opportunity announcement. She wants to help program’s gain a competitive advantage by helping them to strengthen, clarify, and substantiate their grant before they submitted it to the Office of Head Start.

Using her knowledge, expertise, and training Kimberley will compare your grant (line-by-line, section-by-section) against the evaluation criteria before it gets picked apart by other reviewers in this high stakes process. I valued her firm, fair, and friendly approach during the writing and re-writing process. Kimberley is tough, but the open and honest feedback she provided was in our best interest. We felt confident about the application we submitted

I would not hesitate to recommend Kimberley Seitz as a Consultant to assist your program. She truly wants the very best for the individuals and programs she supports.


Debi Hood
Director, Lewis County Head Start


Appreciative Inquiry Services

I had the privilege of working alongside Kimberley Seitz, Ph.D. in September and October 2011 during a 4200+ person Appreciative Inquiry Summit for Bibb County School District in Georgia. I found Kimberley to be extremely focused, no nonsense, professional and detail oriented. She is knowledgeable about both the theory and application of Appreciative Inquiry principles and practices.

Moreover, she was able to adapt quickly and easily to multiple changes required by the stakeholders and the venue. Her passion for the project, attention to detail and eagerness to help in any way needed was unquestionable. In short, I would highly recommend Dr. Seitz to anyone looking to hire a true professional with a strong commitment to excellence.

-Dr. Annette. V., Entrepreneur/Coach/Consultant

I worked with Kimberley on a complex project involving more than 4000 people and approximately 100 people to manage, organize and facilitate the project. Kimberley was a Co- Facilitator. It was her first project of this size as a [certified] Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator.

Kimberley was well-prepared and extremely creative in planning. A kind and skillful facilitator who was fully present while facilitating. Kimberley worked with people at all levels within the organization and was able to engage all individually, as needed, and keep her hands, eyes and ears on the big project at the same time!

Kimberley interacted with the Design, Facilitation and Core Teams as a solid team member. Kimberley was willing to attend to any task and stepped in frequently to assist others, without request, to ensure we stayed on time and focused. I counted on Kimberley and she delivered. Her let’s get it done attitude throughout the project was most appreciated.

-Kathy B. President/Owner

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Seitz on one of the most exciting large scale projects in the history of organizational improvement and Appreciative Inquiry, and Kimberley was a key contributor to its success. Without much time to formally prepare, Kimberley jumped right in to help, and was instrumental in organizing others with ideas, suggestions and action items to make this event monumental, in scope and outcomes. Working in a tight timetable, in a new environment can be very stressful, but with Kimberley’s skillful contribution, her work was powerful, influencing, and extremely beneficial for her group(s), and her colleagues. I highly recommend Dr. Seitz for your coaching and development needs, and I look forward to working with Kimberley again in the near future.

-Joan T. Consultant/Entrepreneur


Compliance & Systems Development Consultation Services

I wanted to express my appreciation for the consulting work you provided to my leadership team over the past year. Although our leadership team is comprised of highly qualified, experienced managers, your approach and use of appreciative, strengths-based techniques enabled us to identify where our strengths were and develop a plan for shoring up those areas where we were not as strong. As a result, we past our audit and have stronger management systems in place.

Your work with our team on succession planning was extremely helpful, as we had not had the opportunity to identify a framework for beginning this process, nor did we know the best way to approach developing a systematic process for staff development and succession planning. With your help, we now have a framework to utilize and can move forward in continuing to refine and develop the system as time allows.

We are grateful for your ability to help us develop our internal human resource systems and know it will help ensure that we continue to provide high-quality services to all our stakeholders.

We would welcome you back to our program anytime and will consider you for future consulting needs we may have.

– Sherry Y., Manager

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude for your positive and thoughtful assistance. Your knowledge assisted us as we developed a program specific training agenda, which we realized this past June.

Additionally, your ability to look critically at our former monitoring system and provide a firm, fair, and yet friendly critique motivated us to create a new system that is more comprehensive and involves all levels of staffing, not just management and supervision staff. You guided us through a challenging time and asked us critical questions that required us to change our former operational filters.

You were able to look at our work and let me know where I may have left information out or where I should strengthen our efforts. You were open, honest and genuine as you worked with us. We felt our success was as important to you as it was to us.

Thank you for all you have done for us. I hope we get the chance to work with one another again!

– Debi H., Program Director

Kimberley is extremely knowledgeable in helping to discover ways to track many different tasks. Her monitoring systems are making a great deal of difference to my agency and particularly to myself.

– Leta C., Operations Manager

Thank you so much for the very valuable consultation you provided to us. It helped us to get on track and it informed us of sources (primarily home learning) that no one had ever told us about in the past as a potential source of Non Federal Share.

We very much appreciate your time with us.

-Doug L. Executive Director

Coaching Reviews

Life with all its complexities at times leaves us helpless. This last challenge in my life has required more emotional stamina, physical strength and mental resolve than I possess; therefore I called on the expertise of a wonderful life coach and consultant Dr. Kimberley Seitz’s of Kaleidoscope Business Coaching and Consulting for assistance.

Real living is a team effort and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be the beneficiary of Kimberley’s wisdom and expertise. Dr. Seitz’s gentle guidance in helping me live again after a tragic event in my life is a gift I will never forget. Her wise counsel provided strong insights, which assisted me in taking the necessary steps required in reevaluating my new life. She listened without judging, her ability to ask guided questions allowed me to establish priorities and set goals that allowed me to move toward identifying my passions in life. As we peeled away the layers during our sessions, Kimberley would hold me accountable for my setbacks. Through continuous dialogue and explorations, I was able to identify issues that were hindering my progress. I appreciated Kimberley’s candor, patience, empathy and professionalism during our time together. At the end of my sessions, I left with a sense of empowerment knowing that I could fulfill my new vision and purpose in life. Life is good again, thanks to my time well spent with Dr. Kimberley Seitz.

Dr Seitz named her practice well, “Kaleidoscope Business Coaching and Consulting,” is consistent with what she can provide her clients – helping them make new shifts in life in order to see the multitudes of colors and new opportunities that lie ahead regardless of the negative impacts they face in life or in the work force.

-Elaina T. M.Ed

At a critical time in my career when I was looking for an opportunity to focus on my own professional growth, I was introduced to Dr. Kimberley Seitz of Kaleidoscope Business Coaching and Consulting. I was able to work with Dr. Seitz for a little over 9 months on what I anticipated would be focused to the areas of my “professional” growth but soon learned that there is no separation between “professional” and “personal” growth when referring to the strides that one makes in their life to become better. During this time we focused on strengths work. Using Strength Finder 2.0, my top strengths were identified and our sessions progressed from helping me to fully understand what those strengths were, how to embrace and appreciate them and then how to align my work and life in my strength areas.

Dr. Seitz always conducted my visits in a friendly tone, but also a supportive tone that would at times challenge me in useful ways that enabled me to dig deeper during my sessions. These were the visits that allowed me to make great strides in my development and often times led me to adopt a different perspective that would have not been apparent to me without the support and coaching of Dr. Seitz. I felt completely comfortable and open to discussing challenging topics that needed to be discussed and appreciated the perspective and insight the Dr. Seitz provided me. Each visit we had built upon the last, and the follow up work that I accomplished during my sessions was insightful and continues to be useful. The perspective and vision that I gained through my coaching process has lifted a fog that had set in around my career aspirations. It has also allowed me the opportunity to connect more fully in the responsibilities that I enjoy in my profession and has given me confidence to continue to grow in these areas. I strongly recommend Dr. Seitz to anyone looking for a challenge, growth opportunity, and some clear line of sight in life.

-Breah, J., Human Resource Specialist

The coaching sessions I received from Kimberley have been very helpful in re-focusing my professional life. They have allowed me to identify key strengths that make me who I am as well as help me to understand how I work. This process not only helped me to identify a goal that gives more structure and order to my work and personal life, but also made me more aware of how my responses and reactions impact me and the staff I work with on a daily basis.

The constant support and positive outlook that were present during each session gave me the encouragement to try different things. Kimberley helped me remain accountable to my goal and helped individualize a process that would work best for me. Our coaching sessions have been a journey of self-discovery, and they have taught me how important it is to have a goal to work towards and to take the time to celebrate my accomplishments.

I would recommend Kimberley and her appreciative coaching process to anyone who feels “stuck” or just overwhelmed and in need of a little direction.

– Ioana S., Manager

Prior to my coaching sessions with Kimberley, I had always thought that there was an invisible line between my professional and personal lives. I had unrealistic expectations of myself and my life was out of balance. Through goal setting, coaching, and completion of the Values in Action survey, I gained a brighter image of my potential as a professional, wife, and mother. As a result, I am more confident in my work as a consultant. It has made such a difference to break out of the stereotypical role of being a ‘professional’ aka workaholic! I am able to form stronger relationships with clients as I put my strengths into action.

An essential part of our work together addressed one of my goals–to start my own consulting business. Kimberley provided useful strategies and feedback that enabled me to write a dream statement, map contacts and potential clients, and begin to put together a business plan.

I have also reaped benefits in my personal life. My family has recognized that I am more confident and relaxed. Thank you, Kimberley, for a life enhancing experience. Your skills in pushing forward with gentleness enabled me to be the change agent in my own life.

– Leslie M., Consultant

I have a tendency to think I can be superwoman and do it all, as I am very achievement oriented. While piling up my plate with too many things to do, I find myself missing out on things I’d like to be doing for fun and with family. Kimberley really helped me to stop and think about what is really important to me. She helped me to evaluate what I am doing, and also to visualize what I would like to be doing. Working with Kimberley gave me a more clear perspective of how to visualize what I want, what it would feel like to achieve it, and then to process the steps I might need to take in order to make it a reality.

Kimberley has an easy going, non-judgmental way of communicating and helping others to think about things from different perspectives. She’s exactly the kind of coach and mentor I needed.

– Caryl, J. Executive Director

I started out a little unsure of even what I wanted to work on, only knowing that I needed to do something different in my life. What I valued from Dr. Seitz is her ability to clarify my confusion and help me understand where I wanted to go with our work. This is something she did during all of our sessions, by listening to me and summing up my thoughts.

I also valued right away from learning what my strengths were and reflecting on my life to see how I used them and could use my strengths in the future. This is a very different approach than the normal “you are broke, so now you need to fix it” mode. What a difference this makes! As we worked together I became more comfortable with my understanding of how I behave and the confusion cleared away….even enough to be able to apply these skills when working in my volunteer work and person l life and to be able see strengths in others.

I truly have valued from our work together. My life is more like I imagined and wanted it. I have a sense of well-being and light-heartedness that is part of me now. I am more thoughtful of how I am behaving. Dr. Seitz is so well rounded in education that no matter what I was dealing with, she knew about it and could even suggest reading material to accompany our work. It is nice to work with someone who knows your value and can re-enforce your strengths when old habitual patterns return.

The best part is that this intense and life-changing work can be quite comfortable to accomplish with Dr. Seitz’s approach. She understands that sometimes you need to slow it down to process and sometimes life jumps up and requires “time off.” I found it very helpful that she emailed me after our session with high lights and what I wanted to focus on during the following week. Dr. Seitz is very approachable and easy to work with. I look forward to seeing in the future the fruits of our work together!

– Kathleen E., Entrepreneur

What impressed me the most was her ability to focus in on my needs and help me flush out some of the “hidden issues” that were keeping me from attaining some of my goals. While she is professional and stayed totally on task I enjoy her friendly attitude and positive approach to dealing with each issue we discussed. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

-John J., Coach/Trainer/Consultant

Kimberley coached me through a coaching exchange, and was very pleasant to work with. Her positive energy and style was refreshing, and kept the session focused on the positive outcomes that I was looking for! The questions she asked were powerful and provocative, and allowed me to re-frame an ongoing tolerance in my life into a positive. She was also very intuitive in identifying my energy levels throughout the session, which allowed me to keep focused on success! Thank-you Kim! I would recommend this Coach to anyone!

-Angela G./Coach/Entrepreneur

Training/Workshop Reviews

I am the Director of large non-profit program and I have had the opportunity to work with Kimberley Seitz on several occasions over the course of the last year. Kimberley has always listened to what I have identified as our program needs and responded accordingly. Some of the information Kimberley has provided for our program includes;

  • Leadership team visioning and goal development
  • Boundaries and accountability
  • Development and refinement of our management systems
  • Supervisor support training
  • Human resource training and consultation
  • Emergency preparedness planning

No matter what the topic, Kimberley has always been able to provide high quality information that is useful and applicable to the situation.
Staff evaluations from the trainings have always been rated excellent to very good. Her training style is very informal, personable, and relaxed.

I would recommend Kimberley as a trainer and consultant, and I would definitely invite her back to our program for additional trainings and consultation in the future.

– Mary G., Director

Kimberley Seitz, PhD