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Using Strengths

I know you’re busy; in a hurry to see if there’s anything of value here. I understand your need to skim, but I want to ask you for a favor.

Would you be willing to just STOP for a few moments and reflect on what your life would be like if every day you got the opportunity to do what you love and do best?

Take a moment, and think about the answers to these 3 questions for just a few minutes before rushing on:

What if every day, you got the opportunity to:

  • Use your strengths and do what you do best?
  • Come to work feeling engaged and excited about your work?
  • Use your strengths in a way that enabled you to reach peak levels of performance, well-being, and energy in less time and with less effort?

Can you imagine that life? Now imagine what would happen if that occurred with your Board, your team, or your staff?

If this sounds inviting to you, then you’ll be happy to know that’s exactly what happens when you learn how to identify, apply, and manage your strengths. What ’s more, strengths management works for individuals, Boards, teams, and organizations.

Strengths Management Using Strengths to create positive change

Kimberley Seitz, PhD