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Meet Kimberley

If you’re a leader of a non-profit organization, you know the importance of maintaining your funding, developing and strengthening community and Board relationships, and how much time it takes to remain competitive and do the job well.

You work hard, yet sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want or expect.

 Have you ever wondered:

  • How to respond to a competitive grant cycle, especially when you feel like you run a great program and you shouldn’t have to recompete for funding?
  • How to increase the likelihood of your organization’s success?
  • What you need to do to get your Board and others to be engaged and take initiative more often?

If these questions sound familiar, I can help!

Vetted, Trained & Experienced

With almost 20 years working with Head Start and Early Head Start programs, community action agencies, child development and early education programs, social services, and other non-profit organizations, I’ve got the experience you need to help you achieve your goals and create a legacy.

  • As a fully vetted, trained, and experienced Office Of Head Start recompetition grant reviewer, I can help you critically evaluate your grant against the evaluation criteria and strengthen it before you have to submit it,
  • As a Program Design and Management Consultant, I can help you strengthen your systems, improve your services, and develop monitoring processes to help assure high-quality services,
  • As a Health and Human Services grant reviewer, I can help you increase the likelihood of being successful with your grant, and
  • With a doctorate in organization and management, I can help you develop internal systems, processes, and accountability that will help you enhance productivity, performance, and engagement

Most of all, I can help you remember why you chose to do the work you do and how to find the spark again!

      Let’s connect today, so that I can help you rediscover your passion and continue doing the work you love!

Kimberley Seitz, PhD