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Looking for Early Head Start & Head Start Recompetition Support?

Attention Directors Who Have to Recompete:

  • Are you looking for Early Head Start & Head Start Recompetition support but not sure how to get started?
  • Are you looking for strategies that can help you rise above your competitors in the Designation Renewal System?
  • Do you want an experienced OHS Recompetition grant reviewer to help you be successful?

If you’re like other Directors who need Early Head Start & Head Start Recompetition support, you know you have to act quickly but you may not know what to do first.

You also know that the Office of Head Start does not offer direct support in how to meet the requirements in the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).

So Where Does That Leave You?

The Office of Head Start screened, vetted, & trained experienced consultants to serve on grant review panels. They checked our resumes & references, reviewed writing samples, & provided intensive training to deepen our understanding of the recompetition process and required criteria.



Are you recompetition-ready?

As an experienced OHS recompetition grant reviewer, I’ve undergone their rigorous vetting and training process. I’ve also supported other Head Start/Early Head Start programs who had to recompete by evaluating their grant responses against the evaluation criteria in order to help them submit a stronger grant–one more likely to be successful.

Plus, I’ve spent the past 12 years serving Head Start and Early Head Start programs as a Program Design and Management Consultant, Training & Technical Assistance Provider, and Early Head Start Deputy Director. I understand and know OHS regulations, and now I’m in a unique position to help you!

I can help you be more successful by:

  • Critically evaluating your grant against the Funding Opportunity criteria before you submit it,
  • Strengthening, clarifying, and substantiating challenge areas before the grant reviewers see it,
  • Answering the criteria in a way that helps you gain points,
  • Leveraging your time and effort, and
  • Giving you the Early Head Start & Head Start Recompetition support you need to increase your points and be more competitive

The stakes are too high to do this alone!

For the first time in history, your grant is up for grabs! A new era requires a new way of thinking and acting. The stakes are too high for you to try this alone or use your old methods.

Let me put my experience as an OHS recompetition grant reviewer to work for you. I’ve designed a process specifically for Head Start and Early Head Start programs who have to recompete based on my Office of Head Start training, experience, education, and tenure in this field.

If you’re looking for Early Head Start & Head Start Recompetition support, be the one who reaches out for a no-obligation call with me before your competitors do! Please contact me by clicking here

The call is free but the information is priceless!

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