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Appreciative Inquiry

If you’ve listened to me speak or attended one of my workshops, you’ve probably heard me talk about the amazing transformation that’s possible when you use appreciative inquiry.

I’ve spoken about what appreciative inquiry is, the benefits it brings, and how appreciative inquiry has been used successfully on a large scale as well as a micro one.

Appreciative inquiry is:

  • A positive approach to change that assumes inquiry into and dialogue about strengths, successes, values, hopes, and dreams is itself transformational
  • A capacity-building process that values the organization, Board, staff, and stakeholders by building on strengths rather than trying to eliminate weaknesses
  • The act of recognizing and valuing the best in people and organizations, affirming strengths and potential, and identifying what gives Boards, staff, and organizations life and meaning
  • Based on 30 years of research that assumes:
    • Our images of the future dictate our current actions,
    • The questions we ask determine the direction in which we move, and
    • Staff, Boards, and organizations have something about their past to value and build upon

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