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Board Engagement

5 Steps to Engaging Your Board

As an executive leader, you’re the liaison between your staff and the Board of Directors.

Ideally, there’s a partnership between you and the Board with each of you working to transform strategy into action and helping the organization achieve its goals.

But sometimes it may not feel that way. Have you ever thought that:

  • Your Board is under-performing—that they could be doing more?
  • Organizational goals are not being implemented in a timely manner?
  • You’re missing opportunities to expand or partner because you don’t have Board members who take initiative and help you get the work done?

If you’ve had these thoughts you’re not alone.

Many executive leaders dream of a more engaged Board. They envision having a Board where:

  • Members do more than come to meetings to network,
  • Communication flows naturally between staff and Board members, and
  • Members leverage their expertise and connections on behalf of the organization

If you’re tired of wishing for more from your Board and you are ready to take action to create the change you need to get the Board you want, then you’re going to LOVE what I have to share with you!



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Kimberley Seitz, PhD